Stay safe at lisnave

Working hard and proactively implementing health measures to keep all Clients, Employees and Partners safe in our premises. A big THANK YOU to all who’s helping on maintaining Lisnave shipyard a safe working place.

Keep our activity going

A nice aerial photo taken yesterday to proudly express our appreciation to everybody who is making every effort to keep our activity going. A big thank you to our Clients, Employees, Suppliers and Partners who are together on this mission of keeping the shiprepair safely and successfully active, respecting the contingency measures implemented during these

LISNAVE keeps the activity ongoing through difficult moments.

With health contingency measures in place to assure the safety of Clients and Employees, the shipyard keeps the doors open to assist Ship Owners on the maintenance of their fleets. On the picture the Cruise Vessel “Hamburg” is departing after a successful drydocking where several maintenance works were performed and a BWTS retrofitted. Aerial Photo

Dredgers at Lisnave

Two large TSHDs from the fleet of Holland’s Van Oord were recently undergoing drydocking and repair at Lisnave Shipyard, – the 2001-built 37,293 m3 HAM 318 and the 1986-built 10,329 m3 Lelystad. Lisnave has the reputation for being an excellent tanker shipyard but, over the last decade, has had to diverse into other markets, partly

Busy and Healthy Easter

Three in a row!!… a Dredger, a Juice Carrier and a Product Tanker in the Hydrolift Docks. Keeping the shipyard active with contingency measures and providing our services safely. Challenging moments. Healthy Easter to all and stay safe

Aliança Leblon

See how our vessel Alianca Leblon looks like after her dry-docking in Portugal. This vessel trades between the ports of Vila do Conde (PA) and Itaqui (MA) and went through all the necessary maintenance works to be able to meet even better the demands of our customers. The dry-docking is a fundamental process to extend

Dry-docking maneuver into the Hydrolift

Dry-docking maneuver into the Hydrolift which accesses our 3 Panamax size dry-docks where hundreds of vessels were docked since December 2000 after inauguration.

The LPG Navigator Oberon from Navigator Gas

The LPG Navigator Oberon from Navigator Gas almost finished from the recent drydocking repairs with us, including the retrofit of BWTS. A special thank you to Navigator Gas and Northern Marine Management for another successful project together.

Lisnave Hydrolift

Lisnave Hydrolift was designed for the drydocking of Panamax size vessels and it is composed of three drydocks (or platforms) 280m long and 39m wide. Each dock has a gate at its northern end allowing the drive in of trucks, fork-lifts and other vehicles and 2 cranes, one at each side (100T and 15T). The