The cruise vessel “Vasco da Gama” at Lisnave

The cruise vessel “Vasco da Gama”, owned by the Portuguese company MysticInvest Holding, was recently drydocked at Lisnave shipyard for a major upgrade project, including the interior refurbishment to the highest standards and a big step on the most stringent international rules, including environmental and energy increased performances and digitalization, making this project a fantastic

Drydocking of the Research vessel “RAMFORM ATLAS”

A unique and successful drydocking project at Lisnave.The Research/Survey vessel “Ramform Atlas” is a ultra-high-capacity seismic vessel with the highest quality standards, owned by PGS GEOPHYSICAL who has elected Lisnave Shipyard due to recognized know how, reputation, large dimension drydocks and excellent geographic location.An efficient and successful 16 days drydocking project to carry out the

Special Projects

Three special vessels captured together at Lisnave:– LNG Carrier “Bilbao Knutsen”– Research/Survey Vessel “Ramform Atlas”– Cruise Vessel “Vasco da Gama”For many years Lisnave was an unquestionable reference for the repair of large tankers and bulk carriers but flexibility and diversification have shown to be key factors. This nice aerial photo shows how far diversification can

“Maria Energy”, another LNG vessel at Lisnave

Another LNG vessel docked at Lisnave and this time from Tsakos Energy Navigation, who is one of the oldest and largest independent transporters of energy in the world. “Maria Energy” is a Tri-fuel diesel electric propulsion 174,000 cbm LNG vessel and she was the second LNG carrier to be acquired by TEN who is expanding

Keeping ourselves busy in 2021

Despite the low level of growth in the world economy and the global pandemic scenario, we managed to recover from two difficult years without profit and now we proudly closed the year of 2020 with generous results, exceeding the goals set in the year budget. Keeping ourselves busy in 2021 as can be seen in

Docking of the LNG vessel ARCTIC LADY

The LNG vessel ARCTIC LADY from HOEGH LNG has recently performed the Special Survey Drydocking with us which has included the installation of a BWTS.The video was captured on the last days of the repairs during the undocking maneuver.

Diversity in our Activity

A diversity of type, size and customers, in a total of 14 vessels (total DWT 726.704) presently in our shipyard: – 3 Product tankers – 2 Container Vessels – 1 Shuttle Tanker – 1 Aframax Tanker – 1 LNG Tanker – 1 LPG Tanker – 1 Passenger Vessel – 1 Bulk Carrier – 1 Cutter

Five-vessel project for LDC

Lisnave has just completed a five-vessel project for Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC), a leading global merchant and processor of agricultural goods. As the appointed shipyard for this challenging project, Lisnave joined forces with LDC to decommission three vessels and upgrade two new eco-efficient vessels. The process included the removal of thirty refrigerated juice tanks from

Clipper Saturn e Clipper Venus

Recently we had the opportunity to accommodate simultaneously two vessels from SOLVANG ASA with whom we work together for many years. Nice aerial images capturing CLIPPER SATURN and CLIPPER VENUS side by side in our drydocks nr. 32 and nr. 33. A special thank you to SOLVANG ASA for trusting us their fleet and look

Stay safe at lisnave

Working hard and proactively implementing health measures to keep all Clients, Employees and Partners safe in our premises. A big THANK YOU to all who’s helping on maintaining Lisnave shipyard a safe working place.