Lisnave welcomes all world-wide customers with a vast wealth of experienced know-how supported by a careful selection, training and continuous improvement of processes and training of its most valuable asset, our Workers.

Having in mind that meeting its Customers’ expectations requires accomplishment of deadlines and high quality work executed in a safety manner Lisnave takes these aspects very seriously. In order to reach these objectives, we provide continuous training in technical and behavioural aspects to our workers.

All our new workers have an initial training in the basic skills to understand what we do, how we do it and why we do it.

To meet our Customers’ high standards requirements, we stimulate continuous improvement in our processes with the final goal to provide services with higher added value to our Customers.

In Lisnave our workers are our most valuable asset.

Youth Training

Under the Rejuvenation Plan that has been implemented since 2006 Lisnave organised 37 youth training courses for various professions with particular attention to mechanical, metalworking and boilermakers. During the past 13 years close to 500 youngsters attended these courses with a volume of training in excess of 900.000 hours.

Also as part of this ambitious Rejuvenation Plan during this period Lisnave recruited in excess of 80 young Engineers reinforcing several technical departments.

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