Dredgers at Lisnave

Dredgers at Lisnave

Two large TSHDs from the fleet of Holland’s Van Oord were recently undergoing drydocking and repair at Lisnave Shipyard, – the 2001-built 37,293 m3 HAM 318 and the 1986-built 10,329 m3 Lelystad.

Lisnave has the reputation for being an excellent tanker shipyard but, over the last decade, has had to diverse into other markets, partly due to shifts in the tanker market. Expanding into the dredger repair market was no exception in that diversification.
Looking at this potential future market and on a good feedback from the main players in the dredging business, Lisnave decided to apply even more effort to improve the technical expertise in order to provide better service for the maintenance of these specific/particular vessels.

The complexity of drydocking a dredger due to the large number and specificity of equipment to overhaul and repair, can sometimes require variations on the dock periods, which can have an impact on the projects to follow. The six drydocks at Lisnave gives a tremendous advantage in this aspect, having the high flexibility of managing dock space and avoid projects late starts. The capability to handle the heavy equipment from the ships with the shipyard cranes and in the workshops has been one of the technical advantages for these types of repair.

During 2019 Lisnave successfully completed the upgrade and maintenance repair to nine dredgers from Boskalis (Holland), DEME and Jan de Nul (Belgium) and Van Oord (Holland). So far in 2020, three dredgers from Jan de Nul have already been repaired, with the two latest projects from Van Oord. The work on-board these five dredgers has included completing the routine and maintenance repair works to different dredging systems, propulsion and steering systems, surface treatment (hull, equipment, decks, accommodations, etc.), piping works and other general systems upgrading and maintenance.

The strategic position of Lisnave at Setubal on one of the main transit routes in the Atlantic Ocean has also in this market proven to be of benefit to the owners.

Source: Ship Repair Newsletter issue No.1807 by A&A Thorpe.